Lies of P

Lies of P Is Receiving Changes Based On Demo Feedback

During Not-E3, Neowiz revealed Lies of P would drop a demo for players to test out the upcoming Soulslike before launching in September. Today, director Jiwon Choi revealed the studio is working on implementing feedback from the demo into the final game.

To start the video, Choi accepts responsibility for the game and any unforeseen feedback the studio didn’t anticipate. Now, he and his team are working on making changes.

After watching countless videos of players taking on the Lies of P demo, the dodge is getting reworked as it is “one of the most crucial elements alongside the P-Organ.” Neowiz is undergoing an evaluation of the various aspects of the dodging system, looking at the invincibility frames, distance mechanics, and more.

Combat also sees refinements to character movements, lock-on mechanics, and camera controls. The studio is working on perfecting the “sensation of impactful hits” as well, which includes a revamp of sound effects and animations. Regarding monster attack patterns, Choi also says the studio is working on refining them and making movements more intuitive.

Lies of P aims to be more inclusive, so newcomers and returning players can enjoy the game equally.

Optimization is another aspect Neowiz is working on, and PC players can expect refined graphics and improved and optimized environments with load times being significantly reduced.

You can only level up at Hotel Krat, and this choice was deliberate. Choi says the location is central and pivotal to the story, and a “multitude of events” happen here. For FromSoftware fans, think of the Nexus in Demon’s Souls as a hub area where players interact with various NPCs.

Lastly, the sound is being improved so enemies can be better tracked.