Lies of P

Lies Of P Comes To Game Pass, Gameplay First Look

Publisher Neowiz and developer Round8 Studio were at Gamescom Opening Night Live today to give us a new look at the weirdly-named Lies of P. The game is set in a steampunk setting and stars Pinocchio.

Playing the titular character, you awaken in the remnants of a devasted city with the specific goal of finding Geppetto. From the trailer, it is certainly a dark tale being told and there are a lot of macabre monsters to battle against. You can craft weapons and even interact with those who have chosen to stay behind in the ruins. The caveat when playing Pinocchio is that the more lies told, the more human you become.

Pinocchio also has a penchant for large weapons some sort of prosthetic to help him face off against enemies. I’m still a bit cautious on how the game will actually play when it’s in my hands and after experiencing the highs of Elden Ring, any game inspired by Soulsborne vein all face an uphill battle when trying to iterate mechanics.

Lies of P was also awarded the “Most Wanted Sony PlayStation Game” award during Opening Night Live.

Lies of P will launch on 2023 and arrives on Day One on Game Pass.