Library of Ruina

Library of Ruina Launching on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, First Releasing on April 25 in Japan and Asia Then Spring 2024 Worldwide

Currently available on Pc and Xbox One platforms

Guilty Gear developer Arc System Works has announced it will publish ProjectMoon’s “library battle simulation” title, Library of Ruina, for PS4 and Nintendo Switch, launching on April 25th in Japan and Asia, according to Gematsu. A worldwide release was announced in a new trailer, revealing the game is scheduled to be released sometime in spring 2024.

Library of Ruina first launched on PC via early access on May 15th, 2020, with a full release coming later to the platform alongside the game’s PC Microsoft Store and Xbox One launches on August 10th, 2021.  At the time of these releases, ProjectMoon self-published its game, so the upcoming PS4 and Nintendo Switch release will be the first time that another company will publish the Library of Ruina.

Anyone picking up Library of Ruina on PS4 and Nintendo Switch this year will find themself in a mysterious library as the protagonist, Roland, meets the  library’s head librarian and director, Angela, as the duo embark on a journey together to complete her goal of completing the “one absolute book.” It won’t be easy, though, as “guests,” the game’s enemies, will visit the library and battle them. After defeating them, they’ll turn into a book where you’ll learn their stories, which will get you closer to achieving Angela’s goal.

Library of Ruina‘s gameplay features a combination of luck and strategy. Players use cards and dice to determine their fate in battle by anticipating their opponent’s moves before they make it based on the data players are given in battle and using the best card to oppose them. The upcoming ProjectMoon title is set to feature over 100 hours of narrative and card battle gameplay alongside an art and music collection to get lost, which is included in-game.