Level-5 Releases New Decapolice Information

Revealed last month during an episode of Nintendo Direct, Level-5 was front and centre with several new releases including Decapolice.

Today during the Level-5 Vision 2023 Tsuzumi showcase, the developer revealed several new pieces of information regarding the upcoming crime suspense RPG.

Decapolice is set in Decasim, a virtual reality world made from a perfect copy of the real world. Described as more than a simulation, it includes real copies of a real city with a forbidden place where every crime lies in dormancy. With the clues found in Decasim, they can be used to solve crimes in the real world.

This virtual world can reproduce any event occurring in the real city and you’ll seek out clues to solve cases outside in the real world. You’ll clip the evidence to your Case Board and work to find the solution.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to engage with criminals and it is possible to appeal to their hearts to make them surrender. In some cases, criminals may turn to Crime Beasts and will attack.

The cast of characters includes Harvard Marks, the protagonist, and leader of the Special Investigations Unit rookie team. He will be joined by Carl Oxford, a negotiation expert and close friend of Harvard. Zhang, Manimani, and Mikey round out the rookie team and excel at hacking, criminology, and martial arts.

Granger Boston is the chief of the Special Investigation Units and is in charge of the rookie’s training with Misae Cambridge serving as the team’s instructor.

Decapolice will launch later this year on PS4, PS5, and Switch.