Level-5 Delays Decapolice To 2024

Level-5 has announced it is delaying Decapolice to 2024. The reason behind the delay is to ensure the quality standard is met internally.

Decapolice Hit With A Delay

Decapolice is set in Decasim, a virtual reality world made from a perfect copy of the real world. Described as more than a simulation, it includes real copies of a real city with a forbidden place where every crime lies in dormancy. With the clues found in Decasim, they can be used to solve crimes in the real world.

This virtual world can reproduce any event occurring in the real city and you’ll seek out clues to solve cases outside in the real world. You’ll clip the evidence to your Case Board and work to find the solution.

During this week’s Level-5 Vision 2023 II, the developer said “As far as Level-5 games go, this title (Decapolice) possesses a vast open world of unprecedented size. We aim to build a dense and immersive world, filled with opportunities to play. Various incidents will occur in many different locations. And many of them are full of surprises. This is the kind of gameplay we’re aiming for with Decapolice.”

The new IP comes to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Switch in 2024.