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LEGO Worlds Expands With Sandbox Mode And A Bunch More

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The first game update for TT Games’ LEGO Worlds expands upon the LEGO Worlds universe with a load of stuff including Sandbox Mode, highly requested features, new themes, and a bunch of fixes and improvements.

The Sandbox Mode is an immersive building experience where players can let their imaginations run wild with free reign of all the game’s tools, objects, and bricks. This mode does away with the pesky tutorials and allows players to build from scratch, at their own pace, and with all the freedom in the (LEGO) world.

New content themes are coming. Players can look forward to new models coming soon to the Brick Build Showcase. This includes new characters, creatures, vehicles, props, and items from the worlds of LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS and LEGO City, with a bunch more themes to follow.

The UI has been updated to make the menus and use of tools much faster with a much slicker feel.