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LEGO Builder’s Journey Joins Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade is continually packing new titles into the subscription service that works across iOS, Apple TV, iPad OS, and Mac OS. Today, the announcement that a new LEGO title is coming is rather exciting and offers us a pretty neat way to close off the month of December.

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Build your own path in a beautiful puzzle adventure. The LEGO Group takes players on an epic adventure in LEGO Builder’s Journey, available now exclusively on Apple Arcade. LEGO Builder’s Journey is an artistic, nonverbal puzzle adventure with meditative music where players build to solve challenges while moving through stunning brick-built universes, which showcase the endless possibilities of the creative play material and deliver a poetic narrative highlighting the importance of play in our lives.

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The screenshots remind me of another iOS title, Monument Valley, and being a puzzle game leaves me curious about the gameplay. From the few screenshots though, I really do enjoy the aesthetic.