Lego 2K Drive video game releases

Lego 2K Drive Announced, Launches May 19

2K and the LEGO Group have announced Lego 2K Drive, a “AAA driving adventure game” that launches on May 19, 2023.

Described as an open-world game that features both single and multiplayer options, allows players to build any vehicle whether a street car, off-road, or even a boat to drive around. Players will journey across Bricklandia’s multiple unique biome regions as they compete against a series of charismatic rivals with hopes of one day winning the coveted Sky Cup Trophy.


We’ve all used Lego over the years and given that it is meant to be customized however the user wills it, it is nice to see the notion of customization end up makings it’s way to Lego 2K Drive. Players can build the vehicle of their dreams with over 1,000 unique Lego pieces. This option includes conventional pieces as well, with pieces and cars coming from Lego City, Creator, and Speed Champions, including the McLaren Solus GT and F1 LM.

Lego 2K Drive also includes a Year 1 Drive Pass which will include a new biome and four post-launch instances of content dropping.


Looking at the multiplayer portion, Lego 2K Drive lets you take on your vehicle against friends and even offers a co-op experience to play together alongside a competitive multiplayer mode for up to six players. There’s even a two-player split-screen to enjoy offline and online.

Lego 2K Drive will launch on May 19 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.