Legends of Adventure

Legends of Adventure Is Crowdfunding To Tell The Story Of Quest for Glory

This one goes out to the fans of Sierra Entertainment!

Creator couple Lori and Corey Cole of Quest for Glory fame have a new message appealing to series and publisher fans to become backers of Legends of Adventure — a proposed documentary looking into the fantasy game-fueled California video game developer of the ’80s now known as Sierra On-Line.

Legends of Adventure: The Story of Sierra On-Line aims to tell the definitive history of Roberta Williams and Ken Williams’ rise from Dungeons & Dragons players to award-winning RPG developers with a resume that includes the likes of King’s Quest, Space Quest, Quest for Glory, Leisure Suit Larry, Gabriel Knight, Police Quest, and Phantasmagoria.

Lori and Corey Cole join other company creators, insiders, and maybe even a few fans in helping to tell the stories behind the adventures that made Sierra On-Line so famous.

Each donation made to the backing goal also earns a free mystery gift!