Coding Camp With Nintendo

Learn The Ways Of The Code At Coding Camp With Nintendo

Nintendo is partnering up with Code Ninjas’ international schools of coding.

The new five-day summer camp program is broken into two parts for kids.

In part one, kids will learn how to use Microsoft MakeCode to learn about programming concepts in some of their favourite games, like Minecraft.

Part two is where Nintendo joins in! For this stage, kids will interact with their Nintendo Switch and learn how to construct their own Mario level in Super Mario Maker 2.

Editor-in-Chief Bobby Pashalidis loved all of the new ways to make stages in Super Mario Maker 2 and loved the game’s simplicity.

“As for creating new courses, the new additions are most welcome. Nintendo added a new Style for the sequel, possibly my favourite. Using the Super Mario 3D World Style, one I found to be underrated and underused, means we get more Cat Mario! This is not the entire 3D design; the elements are included and moved to the 2D plane. So, if you expect to recreate entire 3D worlds, you won’t find that here.”

This new program runs all summer long at Code Ninja’s campuses in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario.

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