Leaked Shenmue III Trailer Gives A Good Glimpse Of The Game

It has been almost three years since Shenmue III was revealed to the public. Sinc then, we’ve only caught small glimpses of the third entry in the series, as well as a look at the stand in character models that left the fan base at a loss for words.

Today is a special day as a new Shenmue trailer has seemingly made its way onto the internet from the  Magic Monaco event at the Grimaldi Forum this past weekend. At the start of the trailer you can see the do not record notice, which helps sell this as being authentic. Whoops.

Watching the trailer you will notice the models are much better than the stand in designs used last year.  This is an extended look at the Gamescom trailer that was shown off last year.

This already looks much better than what we saw last year and while there is no talk of a release date, the developer is adamant we will see it this year at some point.


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