Xbox FTC Leak

A Recent Leak Confirms Xbox Series Redesign Is Coming In 2024

We’re entering the fourth year of the Xbox Series consoles, and Microsoft plans to refresh its current roster in 2024. The Series X and S will receive a facelift and include new features.

The news comes from the recent FTC lawsuit that sought to block the acquisition of Activision Blizzard.


Codenamed Brooklin, the console refresh moves from the fridge-shaped design to a more cylindrical design and is disc-less with a 2TB internal storage drive, USB-C port and a new controller.

imageThe controller, codenamed Sebille, will be announced later this year and includes haptics, VCA haptics double as speakers, an accelerometer, and a dual-tone aesthetic. The image above indicates that the buttons will be quieter and support a direct-to-cloud connection, Bluetooth 5.2, and Xbox Wireless 2.  It will also include quieter buttons and thumbsticks, a rechargeable and swappable battery, modular thumbsticks, and a lift-to-wake feature.

Additionally, the refresh will include increased storage on the Series S, 80 percent reduced power on standby, Wi-Fi 6E for faster downloads, and more.

The Sebille, in particular, is supposedly scheduled to launch in May 2024 for $69.99, followed by the Ellewood and Brooklin console refreshes in September and November, respectively.


Microsoft is about to launch the 1TB Carbon Xbox Series S to the market, so seeing a new model when a mid-life refresh is now coming in under one year is a bit strange. Now more than ever, I’d consider waiting for the refresh to hit the market before picking up a console.