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Latest Watch Dogs 2 Update Adds To The Ending

Watch Dogs 2

Be warned that this article will talk about the ending of Watch Dogs 2 and if you haven’t yet finished the game, now is your chance to get out of this.






Watch Dogs 2 received a rather hefty update this week (10GB!) and included with the new locations, new dance moves, new emotes and more, Ubisoft patched in an additional cutscene to the game’s ending!

Now what’s being speculated here and for good reason, is the location of the next Watch Dogs game. You’re wondering where it is, right? Well if you watch the scene and pay attention to the name of the audio file that plays in the game, you’ll notice there are coordinates that can be matched to somewhere on Earth. To be specific here, it’s Brixton, London, and this might well be the next location for the inevitable Watch Dogs 3.

This is purely speculation and while Watch Dogs 2 is currently set in San Francisco, an eventual DLC or something else entirely could be linked to London instead.