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Latest PlayStation 4 Firmware Update Adds Remote Play For iOS

Previously, if you wanted a way to play your PlayStation 4 without being around the console, your options in doing so were slim. Slowly, Sony’s rolled out new ways for accessing your console outside of your home, but if you wanted to game on your iOS device, the only option was a premium application called R-Play.

Things have changed though, as now Sony updated the PlayStation 4’s firmware today to 6.50, enabling game streaming to your handheld device at no cost to you. There’s a nifty new app ready for you to get started, as well.


As you can see in the screenshot, the new app includes a touch overlay on the screen allowing you control of your console from anywhere. Unfortunately, there’s no support for DualShock 4 controllers on iOS so you’ll likely need to find an alternative that works on an iPhone or iPad.

I know I’ll likely be playtesting this throughout the next few days but this is exciting for someone who enjoys remote play and uses it on my laptop.