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Latest Final Fantasy XV Update Brings Survey To Players

Still playing Final Fantasy XV? With Episode Prompto launching in June, and Timed Quests making a return, there’s a fair bit of content to test out.

Square has been actively updating the latest Final Fantasy with new features and optimizations, but with the latest update from this week includes a survey for possible future content that may come into existence.

The catch is you get one vote, and many items are tempting to see come to life. From the list are things like new Story DLC featuring Ardyn’s Past, a deeper look at the Lucis lineage, Lunafreya’s whereabouts. How about playable Cor, Iris, Aranea, or Gentiana?

There’s even possible new magic or a harder difficulty.

My take is if Final Fantasy XV stays popular, we could potentially see all of the things listed above. Realistically, two story DLC’s and another playable character.

What’s your pick? I do like how interactive Square is being with their fans.