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Last Year: The Nightmare Out Now On Discord Store

Elastic Games not only released their first game this week but Last Year: The Nightmare hit #3 on Twitch most streamed. This is a huge debut for a small studio out of Montreal!

In Last Year: The Nightmare, five players need to team up and escape Ease Side High School. Taking place in 1996, five teens must fight back against the killers that are attacking them. By finding weapons, these teens can find a multitude of weapons, including guns and bats and improvise weapons to fight back against the Nightmare.

In Predator Mode, the killer is invisible and intangible; they can use this mode to set traps and ambush the opposing team. After setting up, they can emerge from the shadows or even burst from the environment to take down their prey. While the monsters that stalk the Nightmare have supernatural speed and inhuman strength, it will be their cunning and malice that carry them to victory.

If this is something you’re interested in, you can head over to Discord and select the store. Over click here to go directly!

The developers plan on supporting the game post-launch, including content updates and multiplatform release in 2019. Playing this on a console will be sweet!