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Last Year: The Nightmare Out December 18 On Discord, Cast Revealed

Elastic Games’ new and exciting project, Last Year: The Nightmare, will arrive on Discord on December 18. In addition to a release date on PC, we got a look at the voice cast for the game and it features some notable voices including Ray Chase, Elias Toufexis, and Melissa Hutchison.


Last Year: The Nightmare puts 6 players in a co-operative setting where you must survive in a high school from a supernatural killer on Halloween in 1996. The caveat is the killer is another player who is on the hunt for high schoolers.

The game features an emphasis on team-based strategy and each of the five characters feature a class.

Move around the map, completely invisible, and meticulously plan your attacks. While the killer won’t be able to attack in Predator mode, they can set traps, stalk and plan a vicious ambush or simply toy with their prey. Nowhere is safe.