El Paso Elsewhere

LaKeith Stanfield Attached To El Paso, Elsewhere Adaptation

LeKeith Stanfield is currently in discussion to star and produce an adaptation of El Paso, Elsewhere.

Lorenzo di Bonaventura’s Di Bonaventura Pictures, known for producing the Transformers and GI Joe franchises, will produce a new film along with Colin Stark.

The movie will revolve around James Savage, played by Stanfield, who is trying to recover from a toxic relationship. He confronts his inner demons along with his enigmatic ex-girlfriend, Janet, who is planning to execute a world-ending ritual. James has to navigate through her reality-bending universe of ethereal monsters while coming to terms with his own addictions and skewed sense of self-worth. Through his journey, he learns that the only way to love is through healing.

In our review of El Paso, Elsewhere, I said that it “is exceptionally engaging and visceral, making you want to push through to the end. Between the excellent enemy consistency that challenges the player to think outside the box and the incredible story of two lovers firmly on opposite sides of the situation, everything comes together to tell a brilliant tale fresh enough to be easily recommended to your friends.”