Lake Arrives September 1

Having caught my eye in 2020, Lake from Whitethorn Digital and developer Gamious is finally launching! Described as a slice-of-life interactive story, Lake is set in 1986 in Providence Oaks, Oregon where you step into the shoes of Meredith Weiss.

Fed up with the big city life, Meredith returns home to deliver mail in her hometown where her dad is the local mail carrier. Deciding to help, Meredith runs into familiar faces and you are there to drive around the town delivering mail, talking to the citizens and even hanging out with your friends after work.

By setting the game in the 1980s Gamious gives a glimpse into simpler times where things didn’t go a mile a minute. We’re far more dependent on technology these days and less focused on interacting with others. Even if it is within the context of a video game, these simple things like socializing are exciting to me, especially because it’s like another person.

Lake launches September 1 on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. Other consoles will follow at later date.