Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth video game releases

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Has Sold One Million Copies, Officially The Fastest Selling Entry in the Series

It’s been a week since Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, and we already got sale numbers as the game’s publisher, Sega, tweeted last night that Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth has officially sold one million copies. This means the ninth mainline entry is officially the fastest-selling in the Yakuza / Like a Dragon franchise, says Sega, which is well on its way to surpassing Yakuza: Like a Dragon‘s 1.8 million sale figure as of December 2023.

To celebrate this accomplishment, developer RGG Studio has announced that they will give fans a free DLC in the form of a Celebratory T-shirt set, which will be available in the game later. I’m not sure exactly what the “freebie” is, but it can be assumed it’s a costume that your party can wear in the game and in battle, whether you’re starting/replaying the game or in the post-game premium adventure.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is both the followup to Yakuza: Like a Dragon and Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, which teams up the series’ newest hero, Ichiban Kasuga, with the franchise’s longtime protagonist, Kazuma Kiryu, as they both uncover a plot in Hawaii involving Ichiban’s mother and the behind-the-scenes- cult controlling Honollu’s underworld trying to find her in a game so massive it’s told across two countries. We got to review Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth pretty much all month, and we loved it.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is a brilliant follow-up as RGG Studios improves on several aspects, including battles, characters, and stories. Even with a slow first chapter, Ichiban and Kiryu’s stories are masterfully balanced while highlighting the game’s newest party members. Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is not just Ichiban’s best game yet, but so far, it may be my favourite in the series, hands down. While the finale’s random difficulty spike and lack of New Game+ are questionable, they don’t detract from the overall game,” Dennis said in our review.

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth launched on January 26th for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.