Kratos Watches From The Throne With This Collectible


“Kratos on Throne” depicts Kratos after he ascended to take to title of God of War, following Ares’ defeat. Brooding on his throne, Kratos will emit a powerful aura wherever he is displayed. He’s recreated here to a large ¼ scale, meaning his throne reaches 29 inches high. The entire scene is cast in polystone, individually hand-finished to our usual high standards.

Two editions of this statue are being produced. The first is the Regular Edition. It features Kratos in his usual attire, bearing his God-like physique. It’s limited to only 1250 units and can be pre-ordered here for $479.99
The second is the Exclusive Edition, where he’s wearing the fully detailed Armor of Ares, finished with gold and metallic paints. It’s further limited to just 500 units and is available here for $499.99.



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