Krafton Acquires Subnautica Studio Unknown Worlds Entertainment

PUBG underwater, anyone?

The likelihood of this very menacing and frankly soggy idea just became a little more likely today as Krafton, the Korean studio behind PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is announcing that they’ve acquired Unknown Worlds Entertainment.

Unknown Worlds Entertainment is perhaps least unknown for its open-world sub-nautical survival title Subnautica, which has continued to make a splash since its initial launch back in 2018. 

In a press release, Krafton CEO C.H. Kim praised Unknown Worlds Entertainment as being, “incredibly skilled and passionate developers with an unparalleled gift for creativity and a proven track record of building successful player-driven worlds.”

Both studios are currently working on projects slated for release next year that they hope will be their best to date. According to Krafton’s CEO, Unknown Worlds Entertainment will continue to operate as an independent game studio. Its structure and leadership will remain in place. He added, “Krafton will spare no effort in helping them. Not only do they enhance our development capabilities, but we share a goal of creating unique experiences for global audiences.” 

It sounds like the similarities between the two studios didn’t remain unknown for very long, as Unknown Worlds Entertainment CEO Charlie Cleveland added, “It was immediately apparent how closely Unknown Worlds and Krafton are aligned in the way we think about games and game development. Subnautica and PUBG both started humbly and evolved successfully through constant iteration and feedback. We want to bring new games to the world stage—and with Krafton, we’re a big step closer. We’re truly looking forward to our future together.”

Here’s hoping that the relationship of iteration and feedback helps both studios float to the top of their game.