Konami Looking To Create A Prosthetic Limb for Amputee Gamer


Konami is looking to create a prosthetic limb for 25 year-old amputee gamer, James Young. Young tragically lost his arm and leg when he was dragged on the tracks, between two carriages when a London DLR was pulling in. Although he suffered great loss, he was determined that that wouldn’t slow him down. He was determined to continue his hobbies and interest in games and adapted to playing games one handed. A renowned prosthetic artist, Sophie De Oliveira Barata,  selected Young for the project after understanding he would benefit by a new prosthetic system; and also comfortable with a eye catching prosthetic limb.

Konami was inspired by the work of prosthetic artist, Sophie De Oliveira Barata, whose previous work included steam punk and cyborg inspired limbs. Konami instigated the project and wanted the limb to be inspired by Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain. In the series the protagonist, Snake, awakens from a comma and discovers he lost his left arm due to severe damage and was outfitted with a cybernetic prosthetic arm.

Konami and Sophie’s project to outfit Young with a Snake inspired prosthetic arm that will have enhanced his capabilities; can be seen in a documentary that will be released in the future. If you can’t wait until the documentary, you can visit http://www.thephantomlimbproject.com/ to read about the latest on James Young’s journey.