Margaret Qualley Overdose

Hideo Kojima’s Next Project Is Codenamed ‘Overdose’

UPDATE: Tom Henderson claims Kojima Productions reached out after the ‘Overdose’ reveal this afternoon asking him to take his post down. Henderson promptly declined.

Tom Henderson has revealed some intel on Kojima Productions’ next project, one that is set to star Margaret Qualley.

Per Try Hard Guides, Henderson claims that the Death Stranding veteran will lead a new IP for Hideo Kojima’s studio. In footage sent to Henderson, it is said that Qualley is seen wearing a blue dress.

In another clip, the actress is shown walking down dark corridors with a flashlight and it is speculated it is a first-person horror game. The clip ends with the words ‘Game Over’ and ‘A Hideo Kojima Game,” followed by the word ‘Overdose.’

To further corroborate the leak, Jeff Grubb spoke about Kojima’s talks with Xbox as Microsoft looks to publish their next game. It has been highly speculated in recent months that Kojima would be working on something and it would be seen at Summer Game Fest from Geoff Keighley.