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Kojima Productions is Gearing Up for New Project

After wrapping up Death Stranding last year, Kojima Productions and famed director Hideo Kojima are now working on a new project.

Originally, a post on ResetEra noticed that the studio was looking to hire more staff at their Tokyo-based studio, looking for the “best-in-class” to join the team.

As with any new project, and in this case, especially a new project at Kojima Productions, it is unlikely we will see or even understand what this project is until the game is ready for launch. As with Death Stranding, I only really understood what the game was about once I played it for myself. And, in case you weren’t aware, I am kidding. We’ll likely learn more when the studio is in full production and ready to feature their work.

If you live in Japan and want to see what jobs are available, head over to Kojima Productions careers page.

We will report back when the time comes and news is available.