Koch Media Rebrands As PLAION

Koch Media, the parent company of Deep Silver, Prime Matter, and Ravenscourt, has rebranded to Plaion, or “play on.”


“Over the last 28 years, we have built an incredibly strong business, partnering with many of the best-known names in the industry,” says Klemens Kundratitz, Co-founder and CEO. “Since joining the Embracer Group in 2018, growth has accelerated and we have become increasingly diversified. To reflect the evolving nature of our business in terms not only of content but also of geography, as we continue our expansion across the globe, we have chosen our new name to better portray who we are and the journey we are taking.”

The new name is meant to allow Plaion the opportunity to build on the rich history it has built as a publishing partner and to help the growing network of development studios keep delivering “premium service to our partners, to highlight our ambition as a global player within the entertainment industry but also to reinvent ourselves.”

Speaking to, Kundratitz says that “We’re not mutating into a different company, we’re just following a path that we’ve already been on since becoming part of Embracer Group. We’re growing in all areas. It’s certainly not a departure from physical distribution. Our mantra is we want to offer games wherever and however people want to play them: physical, digital, collector’s editions. Whatever way people want to consume our content, we’re there. We’re long-term committed in the physical space, but equally, we need to reinvent ourselves all the time.”

Kundratitz goes on to say people had trouble pronouncing ‘Koch Media’ and that the shift to Plaion is something he hopes will help the company be universally recognized as a developer thanks to its new triangular symbol on the logo.