Kitsune Tails

Kitsune Tails Teases Star-Studded Cast

First announced this summer, Kitsune Tails is a classic platformer inspired by Japanese mythology and LGBTQ storytelling. It comes to us via the aptly-named Kitsune Games, perhaps most well-known for their Mario-like endorsement of Vermont Senator Bernie Saunders.

Today, they are premiering a new, fully-voiced story trailer starring Kira Buckland – Of course, known for her work as 2B in Nier: Automata, as well as a whole host of Viz Media’s English anime dubs – as a purple-haired, half-fox messenger of the goddess Inari, Yuzu. Like so many of Buckland’s best anime girls, Yuzu seems impulsive and in a hurry, but kind-hearted and loyal.

Staring across from Buckland is Angela Tran – who has recently found her feet firmly planted in Genshin Impact – as Kiri, a kitsune noble and childhood friend of Yuzu. seemingly bringing a sultry and reserved personality to balance out that of Yuzu, Kiri is set to embody jealousy as she comes between a budding romance Yuzu has with a human healer.

There’s also some seriously seasoned talent in the mix! Brent Mukai from Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart and Pokemon Masters appears as the helpful, yet punishing Cat Merchant. LGBTQ title mainstay Mylo Reid is in Kiri’s uncle Kamino. And making his video game debut, thespian and tenor Kellyn Stephens tries his hand at the wise-cracking Village Elder.

Yuzu promises she’ll be back with more info on Kitsune Tails in… two shakes of a tail. But until then, you can try to follow the fox girl on Twitter.

To be a part of the upcoming crowdfunding and store postings, check out her super-cool website!