Kirby’s Dream Buffet Announced for Switch, A Mario Party and Fall Guys Like Game

Launching this Summer and Supports up to Four Players

Nintendo has announced its upcoming Mario Party and Fall Guys-looking multiplayer party spinoff game, Kirby’s Dream Buffet which is a brand new eating-themed four-player game that is set to launch digitally on the Nintendo Switch eShop this summer.

Following the release of Kirby and the Forgotten Land is no longer satisfied with one yearly game release of the pink puff ball and is going all-in with a second release in the form of a party game, 2022 is unofficially the Year of Kirby. Getting into what the game actually is, as seen in the trailer players will be able to play as Kirby and his other colour counterparts (for players 2, 3, and 4) as you race each other in food-filled stages as ball forms while eating as much food as possible as they roll to victory.

“Roll through a smorgasbord of food-themed stages in 4 rounds of 4-player fun as Kirby…who seems rounder than usual? Race through delicious obstacle courses to collect strawberries as Kirby grows. Then, turn the tides in the final round—a fruity fight atop a floating platform,” Kirby’s Dream Buffet description says.

As players goes through the stages you can bump into other players and Waddle Dee NPCs that are also in the race, as well you can use the series staple – copy abilities which are called copy food abilities in this spinoff to “thwart the competition.” Nintendo adds that Kirby’s Dream Buffet also “offers accessible gameplay for players of all skill levels, but also presents a healthy challenge for those looking to satiate their craving for friendly competition.”

Kirby’s Dream Buffet is set to launch on Nintendo Switch this Summer and is a digital Nintendo eShop-only game.