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Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour – Toronto

After a very successful first world tour, the official Kingdom Hearts Orchestra began to travel the world once again to showcase some of the very best music of the Disney and Square Enix franchise.

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Originally launched in 2017, the world tour is set to hit major cities in America, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Mexico, South Korea, and luckily Canada. On July 21st, the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra played at the Sony Center in Toronto, Ontario. Game Director, Tetsuya Nomura and composer, Yoko Shimomura helped direct and build the show from concept to execution. Picking out each song and putting together a visual aspect.

As the concert began, more than 100 musicians dawned their instruments and began playing. Accompanied by a live choir that was integrated into a select number of songs. Their on stage presence was very powerful, especially during Darkness Assemble: Final Boss Battle Melody.

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Each song was accompanied by cinematic taken directly from the game series. Kingdom Hearts is a franchise that has expanded over the last 16 years. With over eight titles in the franchise, it was thrilling to see how far we had come to get to this place. The concert showcased phenomenal set pieces and character moments from the very first Kingdom Hearts all the way to the mobile KINGDOM HEARTS χ title. Standouts included The Other Promise, Heroes and Heroine’s – Characters’ Melody and Dearly Beloved.

During the second set, the audiences were stunned as what was only titled ‘Toy Story Theme’ began. An orchestral version of Randy Newman’s You’ve Got A Friend In Me was brought to life as brand new cinematics set in Toy Story World from the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III was shown. As Sora ventured the world with Woody, Buzz and company, the song transitioned into a original piece which was accompanied by new gameplay footage. On screen, Sora jumped into a toy mech-suit and the gameplay went into a brief FPS mode. The HUD turned into something you would expect from a mech-shooter but it would not be Kingdom Hearts without jumps of colour and mesmerizing visuals.

The hall erupted when the conductor returned to the stage for an encore. In his hand was a Keyblade baton of which he began to play the closing song. As the number came to an end, the musical talents where met with standing ovations and thunderous applause.

Overall, the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour was breathtaking. Any fan of Kingdom Hearts, new or old would be wise to check out this live experience. Hearing Shimomura’s songs in a live production makes each note more powerful. Pairing the beautiful songs with beloved characters on screen created an unforgettable experience.

Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tours continues on until the end of October. More information can be found on La Fée Sauvage’s website.

Written By: Steve Vegvari