Kingdom Hearts IV

Kingdom Hearts IV Announced

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts series, Square Enix held an event featuring a look at what the future will hold for the series. It seems as if letting your heart be the series’ guiding key has proven to be a success as we got several announcements today, with biggest being the announcement of Kingdom Hearts IV!

While it seems to be still some ways away, the shift in graphics is immediately noticeable, and Sora even looks much older. However, we quickly learn it’s only been one week since the ending of Kingdom Hearts IIIWhat does the future have in store for the players?

It would appear Quadratum is a world not so far removed from our own but quite removed from the storybook-inspired worlds we’ve visited so far. Could things be becoming more real? 

Also introduced is a final chapter to Kingdom Hearts X, titled Dark Road. The artsy app game has been thrilling players while at home or on the go since 2015 in Japan and 2020 internationally with its card-based battle system. Sadly, it’s officially reached the end of it’s service period, so it’s nice to see that players will at least be left with an ending… of course, is anything ever truly “ended” when it comes to Kingdom Hearts? 

Speaking of things ending in Kingdom Hearts, we were treated to new footage from Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link — a brand-new app game promising that everything is connected. Much of the trailer took place in the newly-minted and quite regal-looking Scala ad Caelum. I, for one, think it’s great to see that Daybreak Town is somewhat back in order and that Sora is being paid tribute with a central fountain statue! 

I’m interested in seeing what this new summoning system is, as the trailer showed us using Disney chess pieces as ways to cast magic the way Yuna would in Final Fantasy X. A closed beta is on the way, so we shouldn’t have to wait very long!