Kingdom Hearts III Gameplay Overview

Kingdom Hearts III is out on January 29, 2019 and Square Enix is releasing videos to catch players up on where the series currently is. Today, they released a gameplay overview and it’s something you should check out if plan on picking the game on next Tuesday.

The Heartless are invading and it’s up to Sora and his friends to stop them, while protecting the Disney worlds from darkness. It’s not been an easy journey but with the help of the Keyblade, Sora has the power to fight back against those out to stop him. Since Sora has learned to wield his weapon with skill, Sora now can use new forms found within each Keyblade that unlock new abilities and attacks.

Players can also learn how to use elemental magic for offensive and defensive purposes, such as creating ice slides and wind vortexes to navigate through the chaos in battle. Taking the form of classic Disney rides, players can utilize the power of the Attractions, or team up with Donald, Goofy and other legendary characters from Disney and Pixar worlds to turn the tides against the darkness.