Kingdom Hearts

Is A Kingdom Hearts Hotel Room Teasing the Future of the Series?

Disney is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts this year but hosting a themed hotel room at the Disney Ambassador Hotel in Tokyo. When it was revealed that the hotel would be bringing the famed crossover series to life, Tokyo Disney said there would be a secret hidden within the room for those staying. Now, it looks like we’ve got our first tease of what that may be.

On Twitter, user aitaikimochi visited the hotel this week. We got a glimpse of the wonderfully designed room celebrating the franchise with beautiful bed sheets, linens, lamps, tables and more. Specifically, a familiar treasure chest is situated in the hotel that can be opened by using the Oblivion hotel room key.

Kingdom Hearts Hotel treasure box’s actual contents aren’t allowed to be posted until April 28th per embargo but that doesn’t mean its contents were hinted at. According to the customer staying at the hotel, the chest contains a copy of the Oathkeeper keyblade but with several visual differences.

We know it is visually similar to the Oathkeeper used to enter the room. The Oathkeeper’s charm is different from the one in the chest being completely blue (generally the charm is blue and yellow). Furthermore, the charm has a gold circle with Sora’s face being removed from it, too.

Fans are already speculating that this keyblade may mean the Oathkeeper has an evolved form. In Kingdom Hearts 3, as Sora became stronger, his keyblade would level up alongside him, unlocking new forms and powers to make him a powerful force against the Heartless. Others think this could signal the start of having Kairi as the protagonist going forward.

After inspecting the images in the thread, I also noticed something about the room — the familiar necklace Sora has had from day one now shows Kairi’s charm in place of Sora’s crown charm. We’ll learn more in April and whether or not this is nothing more than a fun way to celebrate the series’ anniversary.