Kingdom Come: Deliverance II

Kingdom Come: Deliverance II Officially Announced, Launching in 2024 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S

Developer Warhorse Studios has officially announced the sequel to its 2018 action RPG, Kingdom Come: Deliverance II, which will launch on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series in 2024. According to Reddit, the news comes after IGN leaked the initial announcement and release window of the Deep Silver published title late last night.

The upcoming RPG title will continue the story of Henry of Skalitz as he walks the road in this tale of revenge that kicked off after the murder of his parents, thrusting him from his life as a blacksmith-in-training to becoming a warrior in the original game, which continues ever more in the 2024 sequel. Warhorse Studios has revealed that its direct sequel will be a True RPG experience, be twice as big as the first game, feature five hours of cutscenes, and introduce two new weapons – crossbows/firearms.

Players will explore an open world in Medieval Europe during the chaos of a civil war set in 15th-century Bohemia. As Henry, Kingdom Come: Deliverance II, players will meet a cast of unforgettable characters and have adventures to experience, including running into the King of Hungary, Sigismund the Red Fox, and his fearsome allies. Player actions in the sequel will help shape Henry’s destiny and how the NPCs around him react to him. In Kingdom Come: Deliverance II, you can freely customize Henry’s appearance, skills and equipment plus features lush forests and dense streets in the game’s world.

“Feel the clash of steel and visceral combat as you engage in thrilling real-time battles. There’s a range of authentic weapons and combat styles to suit every player. On foot, horse or by stealth, you can specialize in elegant sword mastery, brutal blunt weapons or deadly ranged attacks,” Kingdom Come: Deliverance II’s key features details.