Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Don’t Rule Out Seeing Kena: Bridge of Spirits on More Platforms

Kena: Bridge of Spirits launched early last week, I thought the first outing from Ember Lab was a wonderful throwback to classical game design and something we would find on the PlayStation 2. For the most part, critical reception has been positive but the timed PlayStation and PC exclusive isn’t on Xbox or Switch.

Speaking to SegmentNext, Ember Lab co-founder and COO Josh Grier says the studio isn’t ruling out seeing the game launch on other platforms. To get to that point though, the team is currently focusing on recouping after their first game launch.

“We are currently focused on our launches for PlayStation and Epic Games store, which are timed exclusives,” Grier says. “We will look into other platform releases after launch and a rest.”

Grier continues, “Right now, with just a few days to launch, it’s very difficult to think about next steps or future offerings.”

I think a game like Kena has something to offer everyone and more platforms deserve a game like this to be available to consumers. Whether or not it ends up on platforms is something we’ll hear more about in the coming months but for now, giving the studio the time needed to regroup and rest after a likely stressful launch should take precedence.

In my review, I said that Kena: Bridge of Spirits many “of the elements used to create Kena: Bridge of Spirits are found in older titles on the PS2 but with a touch of modern sensibilities. For Ember Lab’s first outing, this is a wonderful start.”