Digimon World: Next Order Kazumasa Habu

Kazumasa Habu Is No Longer Producer On The Digimon Series

Per Gematsu, Kazumasa Habu has moved away from the Digimon brand within Bandai Namco. His departure comes via a message on Twitter.

“Due to personnel changes within [Bandai Namco Entertainment], I will no longer be the producer of Digimon games,” Habu revealed via tweet. “In fact, I have not been in that role since last April, and I have been quietly passing the baton. Please rest assured that the new Digimon Story game continues to be in development under its trusted director and team.”

In a different tweet, Habu said, “Being involved in Digimon and being able to experience the enthusiasm of the fans has become my most treasured asset. I would like to thank all the fans who have loved our works. Thank you so much! Please continue to give Digimon your support!”

The last Digimon game made available was Digimon World: Next Order on PlayStation, Switch, and PC. Before that, the often-delayed Digimon Survive took several years to reach the market, with several issues keeping developers busy.