Kazuhiro Tsuchiya

Kazuhiro Tsuchiya Has Left Capcom

Per Rockman Corner, Kazuhiro Tsuchiya, Mega Man and Street Fighter 6 producer, has departed Capcom. The news comes from Tsuchiya’s Twitter, indicating he has left the company.

Looking at Tsuchiya’s resume, his earliest credit for Capcom began with Mega Man 7 and included Project X Zone, Dragalia Lost, and Asura’s Wrath, to name a few.

However, it wasn’t until Keiji Inafune departed from Capcom in 2010 that his role as an essential figure for Mega Man would then flourish. With Kazuhiro Tsuchiya at the helm, we were given Mega Man 11, the Mega Man Legacy Collections, Mega Man X Legacy Collections, Mega Man Zero Legacy Collectionsand most recently, Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection.

It should go without saying that without Tsuchiya’s involvement, we would likely not have been given these collections and a new Mega Man game.

When this article was published, Capcom was in the midst of the second golden age for the publisher. Many franchises Capcom owns are currently breaking records, including Resident Evil, Mega Man, and Monster Hunter.