kate bishop

Kate Bishop Will Join Marvel’s Avengers

Today marked the final War Table stream for this Friday’s Marvel’s Avengers from Crystal Dynamics. In the hour-long stream, we got a glimpse of the second character to arrive after Hawkeye: Kate Bishop.

Who is Kate Bishop? Well, she’s Hawkeye’s protege. When she arrives, she’ll come with a self-contained story that includes a new villain to tackle. And, according to the developer, Bishop and Hawkeye will come together as what the studio called a “double feature,” which means their stories will be intertwined. In the words of the developers, they “couldn’t do one without the other.”

Crystal Dynamics confirmed that Kate Bishop is well equipped to handle battle scenarios. She’ll also utilize some of the same moves as Hawkeye, but is her own person and comes with her own gear, skills, and abilities.

Marvel’s Avengers launches this Friday, September 4, 2020.