Just Dance 2016 Gold Edition Announced for October Release


Ubisoft has announced that the Just Dance 2016 Gold Edition will be available October 20th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the WiiU system, retailing at $59.99!

The Gold Edition will include all the tracks from Just Dance 2016, as well as three months of free access to Just Dance Unlimited, a new subscription service which will allow Just Dance players to stream over 150 of the best songs, from the other titles in the Just Dance series. To accompany the service, a smartphone Controller App will be available to download, that will give users the ability to play Just Dance Unlimited songs using their iOS and Android smartphones. Pricing for a full year subscription of Just Dance Unlimited will be $39.99, but there is also a one month subscription ($6.99) and a three month subscription ($14.99) option available.

Artists for this next Just Dance title includes Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Meghan Trainor, Jason Derulo and many more! They even included Hatsune Miku in the game, with her version of the Ievan Polkka!

The regular edition of Just Dance 2016 will also be available on October 20th for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, WiiU and the Wii systems!


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