shantae and the pirates curse switch hero

June’s Games With Gold Includes Shantae, Destroy All Humans!

Games with Gold is coming up once again as another month rolls over into the next. June’s lineup features a few good games, some old and some new titles.

On Xbox One, you’ll gain access to:

  • Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse (June 1-30)
  • Coffee Talk (June 16-July 15)

Over on the Xbox 360, with Xbox One compatibility:

  • Destroy All Humans! (June 1-15)
  • Sine Mora (June 16-30)

Overall, not a bad month as the Shante series includes some excellent platforming, Coffee Talks is by the sounds of it a neat little title by Toge Productions, describing the game as a “heart-to-heart simulator.” Neat! On the Xbox 360 side, Destroy All Humans! is launching later this summer with a remake, so what better time to check out the original? Lastly, Sine Mora is a sidescrolling shoot ’em up title from Grasshopper Manufacture, I’ll be checking that one out!