Join Us for the Extra Life Gaming Marathon in Support of Sick Kids Hospital

Join Us Still

Join us on OCT. 25th at the Richtree Market (Eaton`s Centre, Toronto) for a 25 hour Gaming marathon in support of SICK KIDS HOSPITAL.
Full Details at www.CriticalHeal.com . Check out all the details in our announcement video!

Geekz United is a social club for folks with geeky interests. We get together to try new stuff; whether it’s new board games to try or new places to try them, or a night out at the movies followed by a discussion over dinner.It’s a group for people who want to meet new friends to share their interests and for those who want to give back to their community.

That’s why we decided to host an event for Extra Life in Support of Children’s Miracle Network, because we want to make a difference. By raising awareness for Extra Life we know that amazing hospitals all across North America will benefit. Gamers have great hearts.

When they hear about Extra Life, they want to know how they can participate.It’s also why Geekz United is hosting #CriticalHeal.

We wanted to give people a chance to raise funds together and offer a fantastic experience!To join geekzunited visit our website at www.geekzunited.org


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