John Boyega Gives Fans Another Look At Star Wars Battlefront II In New Trailer

Finn himself, actor John Boyega, made a cameo in the newest trailer that released today for Star Wars Battlefront II. In the trailer he gives fans the low down on everything that they can expect coming to Battlefront II, including all the locations and mulitplayer modes that you can look forward to. Some of the locations mentioned included Kamino, Yavin 4, Starkiller Base and Tatoonie. These will be great environments to battle in multiplayer mode that can host up to 40 players. From everything we see in the trailer its apparent that Star Wars Battlefront II wants to be a game that provides something for everyone. This also includes the campaign mode that will have players step into the boots of commander Iden Versio, in a new untold Star Wars story, but that’s not all. The trailer also mentions 5 unique multiplayer modes to suit any play style and 18 locations set across all three cinematic Star Wars eras, the new class based system, Battle Points and reworked Star Card system offer greater depth and progression than ever before. You can jump in and see the trailer yourself below.