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Jetpacks Arrive In Fortnite For A Limited Time

Fortnite’s recent patch features new content updates that includes a jetpack. When acquiring a jetpack it will take up a inventory slot, but it falls into a new category of items called ‘backpacks.’ Picking up a jetpack will remove any aesthetic backpacks that you currently have equipped. Once used, the jetpack will have to take a short time to recharge. Epic has commented saying that jetpacks will only be available for a limited time. Also, don’t fly too high or the jetpack may result in your death.

Two other modes available with this recent patch are Close Encounters and Solid Gold V2. The first features the removal of all weapons except shotguns and will feature a high percentage of jetpacks situated throughout the map. This will be the best place to acquire and try out the jetpack. Solid Gold V2 will feature only legendary weapons and shotguns, rocket and grenade launchers will have a very low rate of spawning. Resources will also be collected 50% faster to leave players engaging in combat more than working on gathering wood, stone, or metal.