Jakks Pacific Has A New Eggman Robot Battle Set That Slaps

Jakks Pacific has been working with Sega on a new Sonic the Hedgehog product line and while I’m pretty particular about what I buy and bring home (due to space), this latest product is one I’m finding hard to pass up purchasing. Having played a lot of Sonic on the Sega Genesis, seeing this Eggman toy really brings me back.

Every Sonic the Hedgehog game features several boss battles, most consisting of a new contraption thought of by Dr. Eggman. Most battles require you to land three or four hits on Eggman before moving onto the next stage. It only took 30 years but we finally have a toy that allows you to abuse Eggman in real life and watch as his massive robot collapses in a scrap pile.

The model stands roughly 9-inches tall and includes a Sonic figure in a catapult to smash into Eggman’s chest piece three times. Once that’s done, the robot falls apart allowing you to move onto the next challenge or something like that. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to locate the product in Canada but Target, GameStop, and Amazon sell the set in the United States selling it for $40 US.

Jakks Pacific has a lot of Sonic the Hedgehog toys in the works so if you’re looking to see what else they look to bring over, head over to their website. I’m jealous I never had anything like this as a kid but it’s nice to see toys try to break out of the box sometimes with a fun gimmick to get people to buy the product.