Jack Tretton To Assist Indie Titles With New Company

Jack Tretton, the former PlayStation CEO revealed what he is up to after leaving his post, with the creation of a new company that will assist smaller independent studios by providing the tools and funds to make their games a reality.

Interactive Gaming Ventures will utilize the 28-years worth of contacts and industry experience to push smaller, experienced studios to the forefront and out into the market. What makes this a wonderful piece of news today is how Tretton revealed his company will not own any rights to the titles they help get out into the market.

So what does Interactive Gaming Ventures do exactly? Well, for up to three studios a year, IGW will provide the following:

  • Project Funding
  • Development Support and Resources
  • Full Service Marketing and Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Distribution
  • Publisher Relations
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Resources
  • Community Relations
  • Brand Management
  • General Operations Management

Speaking to Business Insider, Tretton is more interested in the games themselves, investing in the process of getting it made rather than the ownership with the developer owning the IP, and how the game is developed.

This is different than how EA or Activision sign indie studios, instead of asking for the rights to the game they sign off on, and the studio is paid for completion of the project. After that, the studio either continues with a new project or something else entirely, the rights to that published game fall back to the publisher.

Tretton will work with Doug Kennedy, the CEO of Wildcard, most famous for Ark: Survival Evolved.