jack black

Jack Black Launches A YouTube Gaming Channel

Jack Black is launching a new YouTube channel based on  “games, food and life.” I’m as shocked as you are but I’m here for it.

While it’s been just over a week since the announcement, the video has already garnered 2.8 million views as of this article. The channel also boasts almost a million followers as well.

Black also keeps things nice and simple and then reveals his channel is “going to be bigger than Ninja. It’s going to be bigger than PewDiePie.” His numbers are proving it might be possible, and it’s only been six days.

I’m excited for this and I’m hoping that Jack speaks in some shape or form about Brutal Legend, a game that was developed by Tim Schafer’s Double Fine and featured Jack Black as the best roadie in the world, Eddie Riggs. I’ve waited on a sequel for almost a decade!

Anything else is a bonus.