SUBWAY Prime Rib Melt1

It’s Prime Time With Subway And Console Creatures

SUBWAY Prime Rib Melt

The week drags on, your job is keeping you from home. Your boss has you taking on more than one project at a time, and, the worst part? The entire time you’re hungry! You can see the SUBWAY across the street from your office and in the window you see an employee putting up a sign for the returning and delicious Prime Rib Melt sandwich. You think to yourself that one of those bad boys would be good tonight while you watch some reality TV and then your favourite show – no judgements for watching what you watch! We see you guy who happens to love Real Housewives!

It’s that time of the year where all the networks have their shows returning to the airwaves – this is a time to come home after a long day, with an epic meal and watch some epic television! There’s a SUBWAY right down the road from my house and I’ve been a handful of times since last month. The Prime Rib Melt has been my go-to sub since its return to the everyday menu item! What makes it so awesome? The SUBWAY Prime Rib Melt sandwich is made from tender pieces of thick-cut, 100 per cent Canadian beef, containing no artificial colours or flavours; tossed in an au jus glaze, topped with sliced cheddar cheese and served on freshly toasted Italian bread.

So I’ve sat down to watch The Walking Dead and Talking Dead with my Prime Rib Melt, this superb sandwich has made TV feel epic again.

We want to give you a chance for you and your friends, or just a very hungry you, to indulge in Prime Rib Melt sandwiches with a $250 cash card courtesy of SUBWAY.

SUBWAY has been kind and very graciously allowed Console Creatures the opportunity, to give one lucky winner a $250 gift card to SUBWAY restaurants. This means you, the reader, will get to eat a ton of good food on us! The Prime Rib Melt is back as an everyday menu item item adding a sandwich that trumps even their other sandwiches in that deliciousness factor. It’s prime rib after all, this is like gold for your mouth!

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