555420 Baldurs Gate 3 Larian Studios teaser

It Looks Like A New Baldur’s Gate Is In The Works

Growing up, playing Baldur’s Gate was all the cool kids did. Or maybe it was just my neighbourhood and all we did was play hours upon hours of one of the best role-playing games of all time. I digress. There is the buzz that a new game in the series is in the works over at Larian Studios, who worked on the Divinity series.

According to the folks over at Destructoid, that a teaser website, Larian, features a very basic logo on its homepage. There really is nothing to discuss on the outside, and the landing page has zero information. Luckily, by exploring what is happening behind the webpage, which Twitter user Kunken decided to do:


As you can see, hidden within the metadata is a clear reference to Baldur’s Gate 3. While this isn’t confirmation by any means, we still have all of E3 to find out whether or not this is going to be revealed at the event. As it were though, I’m praying this is real and rooting for a stellar reveal in a few weeks!

Larian is also the best fit for the endeavour since Divinity feels so much like a spiritual successor that I find myself going back even after finishing it. It’s the perfect time for the series to return and all the pieces seemingly line up for this to work out well.

We’ll keep our ears open and report back with what we find out in the meantime.

Source: Destructoid