Isabelle Finally Meets Doomguy

While this is not an official crossover between Animal Crossing and Doom, it’s still cool to see Isabelle and Doomguy being the best of friends.

It’s been a popular request for ages and fans have clamoured to see the two favourites cross paths and work on their friendship. Sadly, it may never officially happen but this new Doom mod from modder itsmeveronica is making the rounds across the internet. This mod adds Isabelle to the first three Doom games, and in it see her follow Doomguy, who is currently battling the forces of hell. Isabelle helps out of course as she slams pottery on their demonic heads.

Not only that but it looks like she’ll follow commands you give her including the option to attack enemies, stay in place, or avoid enemies and simply follow Doomguy around. I wish I had access to these games because I’d love to try this mod out but my backlog weeps in neglect.

If you’re interested, the mod is available only for GZDoom, which imports classic iterations of Doom 1 – 3 onto modern PC systems. All the sprite work and programming was done in one week by itsmeveronica and it is pretty impressive!