iPhone 6 Battery Case by BuQu Tech


BuQu Tech’s PowerArmour, 2,800mAh battery case for the iPhone 6, is now available. The first Apple certified, “Made for iPhone” battery case features a patented unibody exterior to protect from drops and an integrated battery to provide up to 100% extra battery life to ensure the iPhone 6 stays fully juiced at all times.

BuQu Tech’s powerful lithium polymer cell is sourced from the same manufacturer that provides batteries for many of Apple’s popular devices.  The premium cell used in the PowerArmour delivers consistent, reliable performance and is designed to withstand years of daily use.

The PowerArmour battery case boasts a slim, lightweight design for powering the iPhone 6 without adding unnecessary bulk. The case’s slide-lock mechanism and soft interior lining allow users to easily install and remove the iPhone without scratches. The convenient case also features a built-in LED fuel gauge which shows available battery power at a glance and a power saving on/off switch to ensure users never run out of juice.


The PowerArmour case also includes a micro USB cable for fast charging of the iPhone 6 and to easily recharge the case’s internal battery from any standard USB outlet. Additionally, it includes an extended-reach audio adapter cable for hassle-free connection to music on any headphone or speaker.

The BuQu Tech PowerArmour for iPhone 6 is available now for $79.99 at BuQuTech.com

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