Invite Your Friends To Sea Of Thieves This Week

If you’ve been waiting for your friends to finally take the leap with Sea of Thieves, now is your time to convince them to test out the waters with you. Xbox revealed that this week, everyone who owns the game or has played it through a current Xbox Game Pass subscription can now invite up to three friends to try the game for free.

So how does this work? It’s really easy! All you need to do is head to this link, grab your free codes and then send them to three friends.

Once you have three friends set up and ready to go, head over to the tavern and speak to Duke. There’s a time-sensitive mission called Mercenary Voyage. Offering an essential mix of quintessential Sea of Thieves activities, these special voyages will take you and your friends on an epic quest to find the treasure of the notorious Rum Runner. Crews who complete their voyage will be handsomely rewarded and will also be able to get their hands on special Mercenary cosmetics to act as lasting mementos of their grand adventure.

Rare launched Sea of Thieves almost a year ago, and I reviewed the game but felt the experience was rather barebones. Over the last year, however, the game has expanded and improved with expansions. It’s the perfect time to dive back in!

Anyone who redeems a Friends Play Free code will receive a 35% discount when they buy the game digitally on Xbox One or Windows 10 PC between February 6-27.


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